New Product Designs!

New Products

Sweet babies get ready! Starting this weekend, we're giving you more life with Come On, Pumps! and All Kinda Good Hand Geometry on our scrumptious pullover hoodies (and maybe some surprises added to the New Arrival Collection) with a 25% discount when you use the code SWEETBABY25. (Yes - that goes for all New Arrivals through Monday!)From here forward Boo I'mma give you all your favorite Soul Train Babies sayings until I run out!! And stay tuned cause that new video is on the way too!  You can *always* receive 10% off by clicking the Get Discount button on the right side of your browser, and...

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Our Turn Finally Came Boo!

We are so happy to finally launch after many months of development! Back when this was just a seed of an idea, we knew we needed not only the highest quality products but a robust selection of brands and choices to represent our message. We searched high and low and sourced all the stuff that makes our hearts sing, including organic cottons, fair trade, eco-friendly, and US made products — so HOORAY for us ALL on that front!  We decided to roll out 2 designs at a time, starting with everyone's favorites, and already have the next few lined up for delivery. Be patient with...

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Choosing Between Similar Cuts: All About Weights

You may notice similar looking tee shirt cuts in our store. Our thinking behind that was to offer broader choices between weights and textures since it all comes down to personal preference. All of our products are high quality and meant to be durable for the long haul. But some people just prefer a thicker garment, while others like finer, thinner tee shirts. Going forward, we will take note of what is most popular and streamline our offerings, and in the meantime here is a helpful guide for you. From lightest to heaviest, let's get in there.  Ringspun Cotton:  These are thinner...

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